The truth about getting three children

The older child gets all the awards, the younger gets all the love, and the middle gets nothing
(- only the “Middle Child Syndrome“…)

Oldest: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Lets go pick you out a car!
Oldest: Yay!:D

1 1/2 yrs later:
Middle: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Oh.. er.. well we’re still paying for your sib’s car, so you’ll have to just borrow from her when you can..
Middle: :-/

2 yrs later:
Youngest: Hey! I just turned 16!
Mom: Yay! And I just finished paying for the other car! Lets go get you a car!
Middle: Hey! I should be the next one to get a new car!
Youngest: but its MY birthday
Middle: Thats stupid
Mom: Be nice to your little sister on her birthday!! Come on, birthday-girl! Lets go get that car!
Youngest: WOO!:-D

Video: Big brother goes off on his mom for getting pregnant 🙂