Manage your Apple ID with two-step verification on iCloud

Two-step verification on iCloud
Two-step verification on iCloud

Apple has now enabled two-step verification on iCloud in several countries.

Apple does this to improve security on iCloud. Because we remember the last time several celebrities got content on their iCloud accounts hacked for nude photos due to bad password.

With services like FaceTime, iTunes, App Store, iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone and iCloud Drive, your Apple ID is an attractive target for hackers and others who want to either misuse your account, steal your identity or otherwise access your account.

When you set up two-step verification, you sign one or more “trusted” devices. A trusted device is an iPhone or iPad in your possession that can receive 4-digit verification codes using either SMS or Find My iPhone. Every time you log in to manage your Apple ID on the “My Apple ID” or make a iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store purchases from a new device, you will need to verify your identity by entering the password and a 4 digit verification code.

You will also receive a 14-digit recovery key that you can print out and keep in a safe place. Use the recovery key to restore access to your account if you ever lose access to your devices or forget your password.

After enabling two-step verification, you will always need two of the following to manage your Apple ID:
– Password
– An iPhone or iPad that can receive SMS or Find My Phone
– Restore your key

To turn on two-step verification:
– Go to the Apple website for Apple ID and login
– Select Passwords and Security from the menu on the left side
– Enable then step verification and follow the guide

Last, but not least, remember to write down or print the recovery key and store it in a safe place – ie not on your phone, iPad or Mac