Doctors Remove Skeleton of Foetus Inside Indian Woman for 36 Years

Woman had fetus in stomach for 36 years.
Indian doctors have removed a fetus that has been inside the belly of a woman in 36 years. It is probably the world’s longest ectopic pregnancy, doctors say.

It is now 60 years old woman was pregnant when she was 24, but the fetus was growing outside the womb, and when she visited the hospital in Nagpur in 1978, she was told by doctors that the fetus was probably dead.
The doctors also said that she had to undergo surgery to remove the fetus.

The woman was, however, terrified by the thought of surgery and refused. She managed for years to keep the pain at bay, but eventually they came back strongly and she visited the hospital again.

Doctors feared at first that it was cancer, but were amazed when they saw the X-ray pictures. Inside the abdomen they saw a calcified mass, and when it was operated out, doctors found the skeleton of the fetus.
– A 60-year-old woman with a fetus in the abdomen for 36 years is a medical miracle. We have never heard of it before, says surgeon Murtaza Akhtar.
Medical records show that a woman in Belgium had a fetus in the abdomen for 18 years.