109-year-old Jessie reveals four secrets for a long life.

Scotlands oldest woman
Scotlands oldest woman

Jessie Gallan was 109 years 2 January. This allows her to Scotland’s oldest woman. In an interview with British Daily Mail, she reveals their best advice for a good and long life:

1. Avoid men
– My secret to a long life has been to keep away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.

2. Oatmeal
– I’ve eaten a good bowl of hot oatmeal every morning.

3. Exercise
Jessie is, at the age of 109, still active. – I’ve made sure to get adequate exercise.

4. Thrive on job
The lusty chick left home and began to milk cows at age 13.
– I’ve always worked hard and rarely taken vacation. I’ve always had good jobs with nice people.

Watch the video report from when Jessie was 108 years last year (2014):